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Friday, July 4, 2014

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Trader’s Journal for the Fourth of July, 2014
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     It’s the Fourth of July here in the United States and might even go for a couple of bottles of Budweiser in a little while at a pretty good small town roadhouse called Fitzpatrick’s three or four city blocks from where I live, quiet thought and online business news sources are ‘the scene’ for now. 

     The vessel Costa Concordia might be going to the scrap value yards.  The m/v Doric that I spent a small number of months on each year throughout Elementary School is sitting on the ocean floor off the coast of Africa.  There was only s skeleton crew driving her from Shipwreckers taking her to the place where her hull and remains would be converted to remaining dollars in value.  The team lost her to the ocean on their way to India only in the small numbers of hundreds of miles off Cape Hope, Africa last I heard. 

      The world economic forum posted a small amphitheater gathering speaking to the topics of transparency and corruption in business practices.  On the table for a time now is bribery between business people and people in positions of influence and helpfulness politically where the bribing business person might be trying to implement his or her business plans. 

     Long and short of it is the idea of business meetings taking place with an openness of exchanged ideas and any budget matters being printed and discussed with a complete ease of conscience transparently, this being known as- publicly as possible, online blogs with readily available routing Internet addresses showing the budget documentation for any people asking to see them.  Revenue stays in revenue otherwise helping to preserve peace of mind at times and in a context where even a nice dinner might be considered too extravagant leaving the ever popular coffee and business sections roundtable board, dining room table, to known office settings option.    

          Have a good rest of the day and weekend from Company, Incorporated, Limited, & Company™ often written Co., Inc., Ltd., & Co.™ It’s tax id number is in a long going application process.

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