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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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Trader’s Journal for Wednesday, July 02, 2014
-update timestamp 3:30:10 PM
Currencies trading account at FXCM
Stock trading account at TDAmeritrade’s ThinkorSwim trading platform

         *This afternoon’s Forex market(s) valuations brief*

     If you had sat down at your computer today at these moments below you might have bought or sold at roughly these prices for profit or loss depending on where the market goes price-wise over upcoming time.  Welcome sincerely to the day and longer term trading topic.

EUR/USD:  sell- 1.36546 or buy- 1.36570
GBP/USD: sell 1.71590 or buy 1.71616
AUD/USD: sell 0.94384 or buy 0.94408
EUR/JPY: sell 139.037 or buy 139.067
EUR/CHF: sell 1.21401or buy 1.21421
USD/JPY: sell 101.817 or buy 101.840
GBP/JPY: sell 174.712 or buy 174.772
NZD/USD: sell 0.87694 or buy 0.87724
USD/CAD: sell 1.06674 or buy 1.06694
 USD/CHF: sell 0.88914 or buy 0.88936
EUR/GBP: sell 0.79542 or buy 0.79565
GBP/CHF: sell 1.52615 or buy 1.52647

     From an exchange, FXCM, on the most perfect accounting of the entire world’s money trading exchanges since the abacus, arguably the most perfect accounting of international money that the world has ever known due to our brand new computer age. 

     The testing the waters stock trading account at TDAmeritrade is reading around $61 on an initial $50 investment in HJOE, the stock symbol for Hangover Joe’s who sells products hoped to ease hangover symptoms. 


     Have a good rest of the day and week from Company, Incorporated, Limited, & Company™ often written Co., Inc., Ltd., & Co. ™ It’s tax id number is in a long going application process.

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