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Sunday, June 21, 2015

So, what's the gist of his story?

     Hi there to any passersby who happen upon my Blogger blog from it's presence on Twitter or elsewhere.  I with some frequency remind myself to place one of the more salient details of my life up front.  This detail being twofold in priorities that come about due to it's existence in my life.

     Salient detail- I am in the U.S.'s legally blind category due to a car accident in my twenties, I am now in my forties.  One, I am looking to find a life supporting income with the hope of attaining a middle class median from my now $770 per month federal disability case.  Two, I need to maintain all the safeties to self and others implemented by my agreement to relinquish my driving right and all heavy machinery.

     Over the amount of time since most of my eyesight became permanently damaged I've discovered that management research and office type activities from home are within the gross loss of eyesight's residual abilities.  Music practice on an old fashioned acoustic has been quite nice to independently study also.

     Please feel free to continue reading about the legally blind guy from New York, me, now or at your leisure.  Thank you!


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