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Saturday, June 27, 2015

William's resume-

William Edward Stade IV
Forex and stock exchange trading from home R&D

New York City suburbs

*Cruise Ships, Hotels, and Travel*

     The applicant’s main areas of experience by way of time spent there are cruise ships, hotels, and the travel industry as a whole.  His spending 2-4 months per year from Kindergarten till High School graduation traveling with his Chief Purser step-father (his biological father died 2-3 months before the day of William’s birth), traveling with his step-dad during summer and winter school vacations  brought him a depth of professional understanding of cruise and hotel operations, leisure and business travel rare to find.  That’s part of the reason schools were developed- so that others could keep up with the kids that were raised there.  Cruise ships, resorts, and air travel were his part time home for more than 10 years.  The ships were the s/s Doric, s/s Oceanic, m/v Atlantic, and the m/v Homeric.

*Bachelors of the Arts and Sciences in the Humanities*

     From a small local to his current home private Roman Catholic College called Dominican College of Blauvelt born from and run by a New York Convent.

*Area all-state Orchestra*

     Noted musical ability during his high school years for Baritone horn and still picks up an old-fashioned acoustic six-string guitar to this day.

*Places of employment*

-         Prentice Hall book distribution center, clerk
-         Sundays on the Bay Restaurant, busboy and dishwasher
-         m/v Atlantic onboard Casino franchise, cash box and chips counter
-         Walden’s Books, floor assistant and stockroom
Between 1987 and 1992, in 1992 a car accident took most of his eyesight
          -Forex currencies trading on FXCM’s trading platform and stock trading on TD Ameritrade’s Thinkorswim trading platform the past two years 2012 to 2014

     William is legally blind from the car accident that took all of the eyesight in his right eye and more than three quarters of the eyesight in his left, had to sign away his rights to a car as part of his disability case.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Music performance-

 Music performance is on my daily to semi-daily schedule and wouldn't mind a right sounding gig in a nice small, medium, or large venue alone or with others amidst my other daily pursuits.

- Solo classically inspired, old-fashioned acoustic six-string guitar
- One and a half hour solo onstage performances
- Fee starts at $75 sliding scale higher from there and even free though only when the hiring party can prove economic need, this being proof of a yearly income less than $12,000.
- Model B, $9.99 per head split 50% to the owner of the room in music performers parlance called a, “venue”, and half to the onstage performer, the percentage is non-negotiable.  

   - Weekly, biweekly, or monthly guitar lessons for $35 per hour. 


Sunday, June 21, 2015

So, what's the gist of his story?

     Hi there to any passersby who happen upon my Blogger blog from it's presence on Twitter or elsewhere.  I with some frequency remind myself to place one of the more salient details of my life up front.  This detail being twofold in priorities that come about due to it's existence in my life.

     Salient detail- I am in the U.S.'s legally blind category due to a car accident in my twenties, I am now in my forties.  One, I am looking to find a life supporting income with the hope of attaining a middle class median from my now $770 per month federal disability case.  Two, I need to maintain all the safeties to self and others implemented by my agreement to relinquish my driving right and all heavy machinery.

     Over the amount of time since most of my eyesight became permanently damaged I've discovered that management research and office type activities from home are within the gross loss of eyesight's residual abilities.  Music practice on an old fashioned acoustic has been quite nice to independently study also.

     Please feel free to continue reading about the legally blind guy from New York, me, now or at your leisure.  Thank you!


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Travel & Tourism business; cruise ships

     The world's oceans, many of us daydream of them by way of imagining spending a few hours to days on end at known popular beaches whether the busiest of them to quieter more secluded ones, are true sights to behold for we more landlocked folks.  Through employing routes of travel that chart their way across the surface of the oceans of the world we arrive at a still impressively growing business field next to the more often thought of planes, trains, and automobile road trips also.

     The elden wooden ships that brought large parts of the world to traverse the globe have become metal and immense, in the tens of thousands and hundred thousands of tons sizes, vessels.  These cruise ships, in comparison to freighters, have full scale resort hotels and engine rooms as the contents of their hulls.  It might be hard to imagine though can be summed up as the statement- your hotel actually takes you to your destination while you are busy enjoying your room, top notch foods and beverages, and entertainment  while aboard sailing the high seas.

     Cruise curious people, with at least some possibility you too, might eventually arrange for friends to help bring them and the luggage to the port, curious enough yet?, read on, though taxis and limos might do the same while friends simply meet you at the ship terminal for a bon voyage party.  Those friends attending your departure festivities must usually be within driving distance of the ship terminal.  The car service at times comes with the price of your ticket. If need be due to your location's distance from the port the price of your plane ticket also might come with the price of your ticket, here industry specific, travel package.

     Palm trees swaying in tropical breezes, metropolitan areas bustling with excitement, museums, opera halls, shopping, nightlife, tour attractions, to more glacial locales of stunning beauty lesser seen by most, and near all that you would like to visit in the world can be made accessible through luxury ocean travel.  Days of perfect states of relaxation exploring the ship's public rooms and deck space await through the ever present question of budget permitting conditions.  The entirety of the travel business wants nothing more than to serve you while you vacation and/or business travel.

     Well versed and not so well versed travelers that also fill the world and those outside the current reach of this article at the moment of your reading this are placing their first travel garment into it's now open suitcase.  An allure of traveling without anything in sight except the ocean stretching out to every point on the horizon while the entire ship's crew strive to provide you with every hospitality possible while you relax for the duration of every moment onboard and abroad entices and attracts all capable of seeing the wonder of it all.

     Passport guidance will become a necessity if you are traveling outside the borders of your country of citizenship.  These can be requested through your country's government offices normal paperwork processing for such things such as proof of citizenship.

(to be continued)


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The interesting guy for your business and leisure...

     The interesting guy is being deemed an apt description due to some of the details delineated below.  What is catching my attention right now however is the age old placing directly together of business and leisure which in turn opens the more often stated business and pleasure admonitions declaring deep fears against.  I am going so far as to say that this is an example of one of the false teachings in the world.  Studying, pursuing, and, attaining business is a pleasurable and gratifying occupation in the world when it is defined as the construction of a truly worthy product to contribute to the world and the profit that may become of it.  Leisure implies a relaxed and peaceful pace that when present only enhances people's talents also called abilities.  I'm checking and rechecking and yet have found nothing to edit out or change because these thoughts ring more of common sense than anything at all dubious or anxiety provoking.  They are thoughts that are putting my pulse directly into a perfect equilibrium/homeostasis there due to hearing and comprehending comforting truth/s gleaned by my thinking about and writing these here for our edification and hopefulness.

     Here is another facet of my psychology that might also place me on the interesting guy list.  This being that I'm not put off by the descriptors "hedonist"  and "hedonism".  I am currently believing that this never studied word is too often confused with debauchery.  Hedonism as a lifestyle is not debauchery because debauchery is often painful while hedonism itself has nothing to do with pain and suffering.  It is instead a focus on the happinesses in life. My country's main premise is a restatement of the essence of hedonism, "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness".  Anyone who has given hedonism an admiring studious glance please feel free to introduce yourself to me, we'll probably get along famously.

     Music performance is on my daily to semi-daily schedule and wouldn't mind a right sounding gig in a nice small, medium, or large venue alone or with others midst my other daily pursuits.

- Solo classically inspired, old-fashioned acoustic six-string guitar
- One and a half hour solo onstage performances
- Fee starts at $75 sliding scale higher from there and even free though only when the hiring party can prove economic need, this being proof of a yearly income less than $12,000.
- Model B, $9.99 per head split 50% to the owner of the room in music performers parlance called a, “venue”, and half to the onstage performer, the percentage is non-negotiable.  

See immediately below for my contact information and resume.  

     Have a great rest of the week and weekend and if curious scroll down a small number of posts for my contact information!




Thursday, October 30, 2014

      Hi all, it's a quiet day thus far and am continuing to study trading on the Forex at FXCM's currencies trading platform, it is beginning to make me feel a touch optimistic about trading for a financial gain.  I'm giving myself through the rest of this week and through Wednesday of next week to verify a pattern in the EUR/USD dollar pair that is showing a small speculative hint of automation one day if it is not on the market already; early morning buys with mid to second half of the day sells in an uptrend and early morning sells with second half of the day buys in a downtrend.  I have to cast doubt on it due to it only being speculative based on a very small timescale as a sample.  Time will tell and would be nice to see over time.  Have a great rest of the week! 


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Trader’s journal for Saturday, October 04, 2014

     The weekend is here and I’m waiting again for the Forex market open Sunday evening at 5:15pm.  The thought during much of the day yesterday was to wait for a small upswing in the price of the eur/usd dollar pair in order to sell into the larger downtrend to play out over the rest of the week and longer, curious to hear news heralding the next long-term uptrend to buy.
     Guitar practice has been going mostly nicely and am still spending time with calming tempos on a non-distortion, clear 6-string acoustic guitar signal.

     Getting an hour and a half live solo performance gig would be nice.  The two relatively simple business models that I put down on paper are 75 dollars per performance paid by one person for a relatively small room of listeners/audience, or, more theater size businesses at a fairly low $9.99 per person split between myself and the owner of the venue with state and federal taxes upping the price by between 30 to 42 percent is my guess.  Old big arena 1980s tickets tended to look like 19-20 dollars upped to about 27 dollars after local and national governments went about their stated needs.

     These kinds of performances, or more informally often nicknamed “gigs” may be in reference to an in the thousands interpretation and hope based off a relatively modern term called gigabyte/s though am unsure of the etiology and overlap.  J

    Otherwise maybe writing on the trading and Wall Streets of the world business and related topics endeavor sounds sort of nice too and have been devoting a significant amount of my time the past 2-3 years looking at Forex trading and a year after those first months stocks and options trading.  I think the universality of the computer generated charts within the business world is pretty darn neat.

     Ok for now, I’m going to go and have a few puffs of an ever popular near always frowned at tobacco product in an attempt to relax and then maybe pick at the one and a half hour set of my solo performer compositions, they’re just harmonies and scales that I enjoy trying to perfect.  It sounds more akin to a polished piano bar than a rock show and does not sound outside the realm of some popularity; I’m enjoying what I’m hearing.  Have a great rest of the weekend!