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Monday, May 26, 2014


William Stade
-Applicant for General Manager or Assistant Manager information

     Good day, the applicant is a 45 year(s) old man on federal disability who has a checkered history back around half his current age though went back to school to finish his Bachelor’s degree not too many years after, those days when a car accident took most of his eyesight.  He is no longer allowed to legally drive due to the handicapping degree of eyesight loss though is capable of providing remote location assistance from his home office in the Rockland County, NYC suburbs.  Or, as an on-premises near 24/7 GM for the right company.  The Bachelors is an Arts & Sciences degree called a B.A. in the Humanities from a small, local, and private catholic college. 

     Pre-car accident work history was normal enough comprised of three summers as a warehouse clerk for Prentice Hall book publishing, a bar back and busboy for Sundays on the Bay restaurant in Miami, a cashbox clerk for a casino on the m/v Atlantic cruise ship, and an overnight package router for UPS.

     His areas of expertise are- all facets of the hotel and hospitality management business having spent two – four months per year from 1974-1986 traveling with his General Manager step-father on the s/s Doric, the m/v Oceanic, the m/v Atlantic, and the m/v Homeric.  Recent years time has been spent independently studying America’s forex and stock markets with safe micro-amounts of personal capital.  .  He tends to place his pursuits under the umbrella term Research & Development since the time of deciding to try and get off the fed. disability lists to make room for the next guy/woman.

     Guitar/music practice is also a noticeable amount of his disciplined time due to working on an hour and a half to two hour one man soloist onstage instrumentals.  Similar to famed alto sax player Kenny G, no vocals just melody lines though guitar allows for some backing chords.

     Personable and knows the hospitality industry better than most, it was more than his schooling, it was his upbringing.  No matter your decision feel free to keep in touch and have a great rest of the day!

Voice- 1-914-374-2360

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