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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Music performance-

 Music performance is on my daily to semi-daily schedule and wouldn't mind a right sounding gig in a nice small, medium, or large venue alone or with others amidst my other daily pursuits.

- Solo classically inspired, old-fashioned acoustic six-string guitar
- One and a half hour solo onstage performances
- Fee starts at $75 sliding scale higher from there and even free though only when the hiring party can prove economic need, this being proof of a yearly income less than $12,000.
- Model B, $9.99 per head split 50% to the owner of the room in music performers parlance called a, “venue”, and half to the onstage performer, the percentage is non-negotiable.  

   - Weekly, biweekly, or monthly guitar lessons for $35 per hour. 


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