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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The business of the idyllic state;


     Service for people is often pointed at as one of the few truly subststantial happinesses to be discovered in life.  Hotels, Inns, Cruiselines, and, Spas, are their own unique service industry... They are all places where we leave the normal world behind us somewhat, with a good chance of it being in a positive way, away from the pressures of our day in day out lives at work and home.
     They can be expensive, though the industry does do literally evrything it can to attain a diverse industry-wide good, and quality, experience within a range of budgets.
     And, they are paid to make your stay as trouble-free and pleasing as humanly possible.  From immaculate surroundings to guest room service. 
     Like all businesses, they want yours and aim to keep it. 

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