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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Music/Travel and Tourism/Hotels and Hospitality
Trader’s Journal for Sunday, June 22, 2014
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     There was a sequence of ideas that I mentioned as part of recounting my story some posts back.  The sequence was- the Bronx becoming the suburbs, the suburbs becoming the islands, and all of these having now become the business world, business here being defined as the desire and activity of producing a product or service in exchange for money as an incentive from people who also want the produced product and/or service. 

     The online business proposal from Empower Network that has again begun to get my attention daily because it makes too much sense is here in mind.  The business hypothetical is through the use of the new personal computer industries selling a viral blogging service to promote business by commissions on sales and any home business plans that might or might not be present within the potential purchaser. 

     Summation: birth to now, e-commerce on as many as possible of the other personal computer attendees and/or workers, selling and studying Empower Network’s business proposal and plan.

     Why continue to entertain the topic?  Because it is a truly interesting product namely a viral blogging service with only a $25 entrance fee. 

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     My longer term research hypothetical is a single property planned as a five star hotel designed through inspiration by Cunard Cruises.  I was joking to myself last night that she could be put in dry-dock, have her bow and aft cut straight off leaving a roughly rectangular metal building, whose interior is among the best known living conditions that money can provide. 

     A small team of travel and hotel experts that are there to cater to you the full amount that humanity itself will allow.  A theater with nightly two hours of classy live entertainment, eleven restaurants to choose from for before the show with the truly best of intercontinental menus there for your scrutiny and enjoyment bon appetite, a bar and music club with a 4:00am close, popular activities directors to chair the daily hands-on classes such as stretching exercises, music appreciation sessions, introduction to gardening, others. 

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     Might investments be looked at as more the perspective of a farmer who must look more season to season and the completion of four seasons in a row these circling back directly to a new beginning every 24 hours, every seven days, every three months, and every four seasons.  Each day, each week, each business quarter, and each year.  Wise investing leading to fiscal growth or same old game of chance that markets tend to be?  A synthesis of both to create slight optimism while letting cautious risk reduction or elimination actions to hold influence.  Small amounts of capital are in and planning a small addition this upcoming first week of July, 2014.

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