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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Trader’s Journal for Saturday, June 21, 2014

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Trader’s Journal for Saturday, June 21, 2014
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*A beginningless beginning and endless future*

     It held a lesser sway this steady state contemplation involving an Earth and universe that miraculously never had a beginning, and, sees clearly at times that an eternal future can easily be posited within all infinity and eternity.

     I’m beginning to take notes on the process described at the Empower Network as generating 1,000 dollars per day after costs.  Yes, I’m excited too.  Returning to our point the first need is people wanting the Empower Network product, from traffic being brought to my/our pages, that also want to attempt the e-commerce business plan from E.N.. 

     This is facilitated by; the product being sold is a low cost high commission offer- $25 to gain some access to their blogging service and $23 per sale that my capture page generates.  The reader at this moment feel free to vote yay or neh or only read on out of continued interest.
     Also feel free to attend my posts regularly over time if desire and interest allow so that we all might see what becomes of this as yet still reasonable sounding online business plan.

-update timestamp 2:08:16 PM

          I am attempting to pursue further due to both the quality of what I’ve seen thus far and the business prospect of making about 23 dollars and more for studying and applying the office conducive online activities needed to work as a team. 

     Godspeed self and any attending readers. 

     For now all this appears limited to some consistency of blog posts devoted to the study of online business now that the tech. industry arrivals have swept through the world nationally and internationally. 

     Brand new routes same ol’ world, agreed?  Time will tell though looks very true.  

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