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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Travel and Tourism/Hotels and Hospitality

Trader’s Journal for Sunday, May 11, 2014
Forex and other business exchanges

     Gosh, this really is humorous, I have become an independently studying trader.  When I first started researching trading on my country’s, and the world’s, business exchanges around 3-4 years ago I was early on struck by the distant memory of Kurt Douglas’s moving conversion speech, to trading, via the oddly-plotted famed movie Wall Street.  Large amounts of money are nothing to be complained about.  Because it is places of truly large amounts of money that sustain the world and make it a more beautiful place.  The world would collapse quicker if all money and business were to suddenly disappear than if all religion itself were to and He’s the mythologized creator of the stage this being all the natural world itself. 
     Assertions like that might be found both amusing and frightening if starkly true though what got me sincerely smiling is that it really was the kind of simplicity that the Douglass persona mentioned, “Buy low sell high”.  When going bearish instead sell at the highs and buy at the lows, it amounts to the same difference.

     What else would William probably do fairly safely and well?  The general manager at a hotel property could be a profitable venture for the Hiltons and Four Seasons of the world.  Suggestive evidence for now?  Yes, I was deeply observant of hotel, food and beverage, and entertainment operations two to four months a year on average from the acquisition of language years till almost exactly 18, over 14 years.  Cruise ships have all of these normal hotel operations within each of their vessels.  I wasn’t a formal passenger and I wasn’t formally staff, I was management’s kid and was quite like being a full time observer and occasional participant. 

     Timestamp- 7:36:37 PM- The Forex has been open again for the week for a couple of hours now and the major currency pairs as being calculated over at FXCM when limited to only United States dollar currency pairs are reading as follows:


Have a wonderful rest of the weekend from Co., Inc., Ltd., & Co™!

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