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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Travel and Tourism/Hotels and Hospitality

Trader’s Journal for Friday, May 09, 2014
Business & finance markets view Q2

     Geez, I really do have an affection and enthusiasm for these topics.  These topics being our world’s business and finance markets, travel and hotels specifically, an expertise by way of upbringing and continuing independent study of it daily in a somewhat formal though relaxed and casual manner.  I spent months at a time traveling on a cruise ship as a kid through 18 due to Dad being the general manager on at least four ships over decades of his life.

     Bermuda has a missing lawyer on their hands who is being mentioned as having one health condition.  Though this being called short-term memory loss.  He’s been missing since May 2, 2014 from Cambridge Beach Resort and Spa.  Both law enforcement and the Bermudian community generally have been aiding in the search.  An on island drone has aerially surveyed the resort and beach property.

     The guiding board of the Bahamas appears to be ramping-up future tourism projects drawing people to their islands for vacation and business purposes. 

     Tthe island debating club winners were announced amidst huge screams of exhilaration and music afterwards on Z.N.S. network island coverage. 

     Forex and the other business exchanges are waiting for their Sunday night and Monday morning openings.

     All’s quiet at this moment in this trader’s home/home office.  I’m still  looking at the idea of marketing an hour and a half soloist musician playing slow tempo 30 beats per minute 4/4 time signature non-distorted chord progressions and scales that might come across as old people music only because it isn’t rock and roll or disco or rave music.  It is because I’m older now and really do need the slower and prettier sound, ultimately and out of wartime it might even be found the better sound.  $17.99 plus fed. and state taxes 33% and %12 equaling $26.09 per person.

     Have a wonderful rest of the weekend from Co., Inc., Ltd., & Co™!

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