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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Trader’s journal for Sunday, May 25, 2014

Travel and Tourism/Hotels and Hospitality
Trader’s journal for Sunday, May 25, 2014
Forex, stock, and, business markets generally

     Memorial Day weekend has arrived here in the United States of America.  The annual holiday memorializes what it can of our citizenry’s losses of life within the special/armed forces, namely the military organization from the pentagon and related offices to the presence air, land, and sea of all our soldiers.  Heads begin to bow in glimpsing the hell and lunacy that war tends to be in a world desiring peace translated as non-violence and we begin to return to our day to day, month to month, and year to year lives till the remembrance returns again.

     It is here that we segue to brighter topics because it also means that the summer travel season has just had it’s start.  The hospitality and hotel business cater at length to all that can be enjoyed in a peaceful non-violent settings and does so in a completely businesslike manner.  You provide the money and the industry will provide budget-limited places to stay and when luxurious surroundings are within your budget there will be an attempt to cater to you the traveler in ways that most of the world is not accustomed to.  They become your temporary team of people working to cater to all your vacation and business travel needs, desires, and whims. 

     Two geographic locations heavy on tourists and tourism groups today (Sunday, May 25, 2014) are Indianapolis and Monaco, both hosting the number one top car races in the world, the Indianapolis 500 and Europe’s Formula One race on some of the thoroughfares of the, also world famous, City of Monaco’s Grand Prix.  Throngs will fill the streets of Monaco’s custom made for the race city to catch a glimpse of the cars and to just be out among the festivities.  A multitude will gather at Indianapolis’s Raceway to do similar here in the United States.  Hotels sold out and near record occupancy rates will enter their businesses contemplations with at least half a probability and meet their eyes to varying degrees in both Cities.

     Or grab a bag of potato chips, make your way to your home’s tv, and tune in all the excitement there from your own current place on the globe and maybe ring a few friends not spoken with in too long, or, perhaps only the day before yesterday.  Make a favorite meal or snack, a good strong cup of black coffee, fountain soda, juice, or adult beverage.  And enjoy the official start of the summer season!


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