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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Trader’s journal for Saturday, May 24, 2014

Travel and Tourism/Hotels and Hospitality
Trader’s journal for Saturday, May 24, 2014
Forex markets, stock markets, and the travel business generally

     More than one or two are traveling locally, nationally, and/or, internationally, at this moment and the world has been as such for an astoundingly long time.  These days the pricey technological means- cars and taxis specifically, buses, trains, and planes greatly assist our on footing it between rooms, buildings, the previous means of transportation just mentioned, and any hikes or exercise that might be at the closest outdoor park weather permitting.

     For now though the writer of this article is writing to you the at a distance readership while the exchanges are closed till tomorrow night for the currencies market and Monday morning for the stock market.  My small testing the waters accounts are still with FXCM and TDAmeritrade’s ThinkorSwim stock exchange platform.  They’ve been wonderful places to work, study, and learn trading successfully this defined as profitably.  Thus far the expected fluctuations have transpired and am looking at the originating less than $500 investment amounts while waiting to begin trading tomorrow night and the upcoming week.  Enjoying the process considerably, this helping to keep my nose to the grindstone as the saying is often mentioned in our world.

     The islands, work, and entertainments… these are topics for exploration being suggested by my mind’s eye.  Pleasant enough subjects gratefully, the world is too often a suffering to varying degrees place.  Better topics and endeavors become a need on a sphere with that dark characteristic.  Agreed?  Good.  No?  Go find your day’s normal next thing to do activities and have a good as possible rest of the weekend within the details of your life.  Agreed assumed.  Though sure you can hang-out here reading if this is your desire.  Welcome. 

     Unheard of though is this- a business proposition that makes sense to me, namely a wine bar, as the next topic on the table also, fitting under entertainments and leisure.  One called The Weekender Wine Bar; hours of operation Friday nights at 6:00pm till Sunday at 11:00pm.  This being a once per week 53 hour shift doors opening every Friday at six in the evening and staying open, doubling as a late night club, straight through till Sunday nights at the eleven pm’s close till the immediately following Friday.  Possibly marketed to the hotel industry for implementation on their properties as a growing brand contributing to their revenue on a weekly or monthly basis whatever their preference happens to be.  Open to hotel guests and locals stopping by for the one to few and maybe a bite to eat.      Alternate name William’s Wine bar & Newsroom.

     I inquired over at Bermuda’s main news organization as to if they knew who owns the land on which the now completely gone Sonesta Beach and Resort Hotel use to thrive upon years ago. They answered, “The Green family, who also own Hamilton Princess”.  The additional information that is driving my curiosity is what they have in their plan for the piece of land over the next year and longer.  It was a great property and should be developed again under any team that has the time, energy, and budget if I may offer the thought.  


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