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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weekend market brief for Saturday, April 26, 2014

Travel and Tourism/Hotels and Hospitality
Domestic and International Industries

     Good evening, the Forex markets are closed till tomorrow evening and the stock markets will be reopening for the week, post normal weekend downtime, Monday morning at 9:30am.  With this being the case for more than 24 hours this writer who is stringing thoughts together for you the reader is wondering about the basic concepts that helped give rise to the major business exchanges mentioned above.  This being, at least seemingly, the idea and practice of giving money in exchange for products and services, many using the words goods and services.  That is the simple crux of it all.
     Air travel, cruise travel, and lodging while traveling, taxis and/or limos in your chosen geographical place, casinos and entertainments are all hoping to attract your dollars if you do have vacation or business travel plans in the immediate future or longer.  And, it is as simple as having the desire, money, time and energy… these are the main prerequisites.

     As may be new to your eyes constant reader, is that business themes, the American east coast sometimes called the eastern seaboard, Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and northern South America are the travel areas of focus for yours truly, namely constant writer, well constant writer when time and energy allow.  It’s a fairly nice calm Saturday morning here in the New York City suburbs.  Where to?  My bias is New York City and Southern Florida domestically.  How about a NY Metropolitan Museum of Art coffee house and dinner in the hotel room on St. Croix?  Yes it’s extravagant I know though a completely free hypothetical while it is still only in the R & D phase. an amusement alone interestingly. 

     The Met, also called MoMA could easily fill a couple of hours after coffee or beverage of your choice and still be left feeling a little wanting though two hours might also feel perfect, depends upon mood, events, and the thoughts on that day.  Two hours sounds pleasant enough and we or anyone traveling that day might start to get the itch to go at around the two hour marker.  Leave an extra hour or more in your planning if you’d like.  It doesn’t have to be NYC to begin at all.  Cape Hatteras in Virginia has always been theoretically just as good a start. 

     Besides, it’s only in the spirit of being an interesting and entertaining read is all and my purpose here.

     For now St. Croix is the topic on the table.

     St croix usvi.jpg

  Slow untroubled walks on the beach, nights under the stars weather permitting with mai-tais or dark and stormies, any popular drink will do.

     Claims of revisionist history aside for the moment, St. Croix is one of three islands known as the American Virgin Islands located in the Caribbean Sea having been sold to the United States in 1916 for $25 million in gold by Denmark in The Treaty of the Danish West Indies.  Like so many places; chose your spot with care and you’re tropical paradise bound, take the journey somewhat too naively and you’ll be robbed at gunpoint having happened upon the wrong street’s club unwittingly.  Even the superpowers are like that so, in a manner of speaking, it’s as dangerous as walking out your front door roughly, do you agree? 

     Most importantly the majority go for the hotel resort’s offerings and a few guilt free drinks so breath a good bit easier and enjoy the rest of the weekend from Co., Inc., Ltd., & Co.!

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