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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Forex market brief for Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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     We’re about five hours away from market open here on the Forex and this writer is wondering about the direction of the nzd/usd currency pair and the direction/s that it might take between open Sunday and about 9:00pm tonight.  He’d prefer to have a few hours in the islands though a few bottles of port in the suburbs sounds near equally pleasant, humorous.

     Monday morning has arrived and the stock exchange opens in about an hour and twenty minutes.  The nzd/usd currency pair that I expressed curiosity about arrived at the price that I entered a small trade on.  I’ll have to wait and see if it heads towards a few fractions of a penny lower. 

     One trade passed the needed price crediting the trading account two dollars and change.  A trade at a buy was entered making it a waiting game again to see where the exchange rate begins to head over the next hour or two.  Expecting a slight rise in value, just a few fractions of a penny. 

     Now, while sitting here and writing this, one American dollar will buy you exactly $0.85380 New Zealand dollars.  It looks low for an international exchange rate though like all the other available dollar pairs will net a small profit or loss dependent upon the amounts of money invested and the abilities of the trader.     The country’s weather at the moment is a New York springlike in the low 50s Fahrenheit, 10-13 Celsius, and rainy in parts depending upon where you are standing if you were all the way over in N.Z..

     Might be safe to consider your slightly intrepid writer in an unending trading and business session with frequent breaks, again humorous. 

     Have a wonderful rest of the week from Co., Inc., Ltd., & Co™!

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