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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Long time ago on the cruise liner's outdoor decks...

     There, he traveled when a boy looking out over huge expanses of the Atlantic Ocean day and night between American, Bermudian,  Caribbean, and, Bahamian ports of call.  The sunlight opening views of frothy whitecaps on the tens of thousands of feet deep Atlantic's surface.
     At night literally perched above the ship's bridge, on the cruise ship's iron and steel vestigial crows nest relaxed gazing at the universe and sea.
     There's a luxury scale hotel inside a door behind him, once he walks in again, temporarily away from the cruise liner's outdoor areas' decks.  Restaurants, a small casino, stage performance convention/entertainment theater, a library, movie theater, gym, and spa there floating, despite a tens of thousands of tons in weight hull and structure, holding room for, these days, a very small number of thousands, purchased for a week or two at a time. with hotel room-type private rest and sleeping cabins.
     These, catering to varying budgets, travel and vacation ocean-going vessels are sailing the world's oceans and smaller seas at this very moment.  Real as the ground under our feet. 
     Worth at least reading up on as... a once, or few, times in a lifetime experience.  Agree?  Good.  Happy cruise ship industry reading research!

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