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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Industry hypothesis....

     A small group of men and women are looking out their office windows some in eyeglasses some not looking also back at the origin of their industry.  It could have been for anything.  For instance, when people had grown to numbers large enough to congregate into small towns that were the size of 800-1000 person villages, travel would have started to occur between the, then large, populations.  
     "Stay here awhile."  Said a citizen in an odd sounding language spoken between our earliest of ancestors when humanity numbered less than 50,000.  (CE, 6-7 billion)
     The needs involved for having the aeons imagined guest stay for a day, to days, evolved into our current era's hotel, hospitality, travel, and leisure industries.  All from that very first statement aeons ago in a mysterious to us time, "Stay here awhile."

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