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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The interesting guy for your business and leisure...

     The interesting guy is being deemed an apt description due to some of the details delineated below.  What is catching my attention right now however is the age old placing directly together of business and leisure which in turn opens the more often stated business and pleasure admonitions declaring deep fears against.  I am going so far as to say that this is an example of one of the false teachings in the world.  Studying, pursuing, and, attaining business is a pleasurable and gratifying occupation in the world when it is defined as the construction of a truly worthy product to contribute to the world and the profit that may become of it.  Leisure implies a relaxed and peaceful pace that when present only enhances people's talents also called abilities.  I'm checking and rechecking and yet have found nothing to edit out or change because these thoughts ring more of common sense than anything at all dubious or anxiety provoking.  They are thoughts that are putting my pulse directly into a perfect equilibrium/homeostasis there due to hearing and comprehending comforting truth/s gleaned by my thinking about and writing these here for our edification and hopefulness.

     Here is another facet of my psychology that might also place me on the interesting guy list.  This being that I'm not put off by the descriptors "hedonist"  and "hedonism".  I am currently believing that this never studied word is too often confused with debauchery.  Hedonism as a lifestyle is not debauchery because debauchery is often painful while hedonism itself has nothing to do with pain and suffering.  It is instead a focus on the happinesses in life. My country's main premise is a restatement of the essence of hedonism, "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness".  Anyone who has given hedonism an admiring studious glance please feel free to introduce yourself to me, we'll probably get along famously.

     Music performance is on my daily to semi-daily schedule and wouldn't mind a right sounding gig in a nice small, medium, or large venue alone or with others midst my other daily pursuits.

- Solo classically inspired, old-fashioned acoustic six-string guitar
- One and a half hour solo onstage performances
- Fee starts at $75 sliding scale higher from there and even free though only when the hiring party can prove economic need, this being proof of a yearly income less than $12,000.
- Model B, $9.99 per head split 50% to the owner of the room in music performers parlance called a, “venue”, and half to the onstage performer, the percentage is non-negotiable.  

See immediately below for my contact information and resume.  

     Have a great rest of the week and weekend and if curious scroll down a small number of posts for my contact information!




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