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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Travel and Tourism/Hotels and Hospitality/Cruise Ships/Music
Trader’s Journal for Tuesday, July 15, 2014
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     Tentative business research hypothetical called, “Hurricane Beachhouse”.  They might have a uniformity of design across all properties.  This being that they all will have the first floor Lobby and instead of elevators and stairwells to floors up will have two stories directly down, a three floor cube 2/3 beneath the ground and 1/3 above the ground.  Ship’s watertight doors above ground on the Lobby floor in storms with weekly drills required.  Made entirely of Carrere, or better, marble and any clear as crystal plexi-glass and/or shatter safe plastic maybe Lucite or colorless polyurethane. 

     In return to the previously, days ago, mentioned NYC suburbs 5-Star hotel business research hypothetical, property named for now one of these two, maybe both, names- *Company, Incorporated, Limited, & Company* or *New York City Suburbs International*.  

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