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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Music/Travel and Tourism/Hotels and Hospitality
Trader’s Journal for Thursday, June 26, 2014
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*Perspective and wisdom in the world*

     Might these be only inspiring words that have no real effect on sickness, lunacy, and death at the times when these are truly present by way of any affliction in a person?  The actual perspective might be that we, all of us, were given a spherical world floating in an infinity of oceans that, when health is allowing us, perform as part of a team making a more beautiful and peaceful world.  This is a perspective that I feel comfortable with because it arrives so resoundingly true.

*At the five-star*

Welcome to the ongoing hypothetical research question eventuating possibly in an independently built and managed 5-star hotel property within a one hour drive of Manhattan, New York City with a customizable itinerary of the best City tours, activities, and events for the national and international traveler both fore we all just want to enjoy our time here client and co-worker alike.  Catering to the one thousand dollar per night client spending the weekend, week, or longer.

     Geez, it would be lovely to do things with it such as making the entirety of it out of Carrere Marble, all of it- the foundation, floor, walls, and ceiling entirely from Carrere Marble.  Go ahead and marvel, there aren’t many structures like that.  Some properties feel ahead of the game with only one floor in a room from this famed marble. 

     Traveling overseas may or may not be involved for you constant reader, or even part-time reader.  As is a steady suggestion of this travel industry enthusiast- if you can afford it easily from your budget for your business or pleasure needs than go and let it become a pearl in your memory to return to no matter where on the globe that you happen to be. 

     250 rooms / 10=25 people room service staff, each room service co-worker keeps 10 rooms immaculate, beds made and turned down for the night with a tidiness rarely found in the world, done when the client is on their tour for the day or otherwise out of the room for breakfast or morning stretching exercises.  An 8:00pm chocolate is left for the client between 8:00 and 8:30pm every night.  

     I would write the rest of the night if I could. 

*A four course breakfast, a five course lunch, and a seven course dinner every single day of your stay*

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Have a good rest of the night and upcoming week from Co., Inc., Ltd., & Co.

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