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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Music/Travel and Tourism/Hotels and Hospitality
Trader’s Journal for Thursday, June 19, 2014
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     Because I am trying to sell you on the idea of business in America, one of the few things espoused as a must in life because it involves one of the few known incentives in life… money.    

     Current main ideas- 1) music task/s, and, one of the needed selling points for the Empower Network business plan, this being 1) an insatiable appetite, or any strong enough appetite might do, for the viral blogging service itself.

     Viral in that it spreads from person to person relatively quickly as viruses are at times described as doing though more apt terminology might hopefully be found because it is not an illness, it is an implementable business plan and daily practice that theoretically could be found as potentially profitable and a way of interacting from home, or wherever one’s computer is being, with this particular business community. 

     These being Empower Network, LLC and The Prosperity Team.  They have been my main contacts for this segment of the e-commerce needs, hopes, and practices industry and business.

     Feel free to hire me as a remote office assistant hired on a $25 per task basis.  The task of course must be found by both of us as worth this price and formed in online or phone discussions and mutually agreed upon allowing transaction easily. 

     Relatively short topic specific market briefs sounds reasonable budget allowing.  Slow relatively calming pretty old-fashioned acoustic guitar scales, chords, and arpeggios, a full hour and a half of them for desiring venues also always on the table and worth business conversation too. 

     During this moment many people are auto-ing, training, walking, and flying to their nights to weeks or longer hotel rooms while traveling our world in this computer technology and space age.  Passenger planes are taking off and landing in a now decades old national and international travel business and industry.  

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