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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Market brief for Saturday, April 19, 2014

Travel and Tourism/Hotels and hospitality
Domestic and International Business

     In explanation it really is a matter of money and desire.  When both are there in ways that will not cause too much of a strain financially than domestic and international travel become a once per year, even relaxing and celebratory, amount of time away from home.  More times than once per year if, again, money and desire allow.  The notion of the weekend getaway in the City often sounds quite nice however a solid week planned for your potential future travel plans is often suggested.  You are hearing at this moment from a years ago young observer who watched seven day amounts of time on a cruise ship be sold for cabins on a New York City to Bermuda quite popular cruise package.  Passengers got onboard every Saturday afternoon and were in Bermuda by that Monday.  The ship spent three and a half days tied to shore in Hamilton than returned to sea to have everyone back in New York by Saturday morning again. It was wonderful.

     It is 75 degrees Fahrenheit today in Bermuda’s island metropolitan area named Hamilton.  Their local stock exchange was functioning as normally and stably as short descriptions would allow and always worthy of constructive comment.  Business and study build the world haste not the island’s warmer months breezes lend a comforting inspiration to the phrase ‘haste not’.
     Ah, next… banking in the Bahamas.  It’s as normal as banking here in the states, over-sensationalized at even mention, and in some forms of entertainment too, though it really is a pleasant state of mind and so long as everyone keeps their cards up and on paper than civil and interesting talks will continue between my country’s government along with the officials there presiding over the islands where their, their meaning the local officials’, homes and concerns, are located.  Besides, most tourists traveling there arrive for a needed vacation and any time with Bahamian FATCA finance talks could be done relaxing in one’s hotel room or beach chair should interest move you. 

     Whole latitudes south light rain and thunder in the Bahamian Capital; the island named Nassau.  The temperature is in the low seventies.  It’s a relatively short distance from southern Florida though far enough out to sea that only ships and airplanes will get travelers, be it tourist, or business, there.  And, is also known by the geographic name New Providence.
     I really do want to attempt and see myself here through the written word describe for you why to go.  Why?  For walks alone in tranquility and harmony tropical air breathed slowly and deeply in actual paradisial moments hopefully longer.  Clarity of light cerulean blue salt water a quality better than top shelf crystal, air laced with hibiscus only, and drinks on a balcony writing and/or wondering at conversation with company.  The islands themselves and their resort economies.  They were and are great places if planned and chosen carefully. 

     Welcome to Co., Inc., Ltd., & Co.’s helpdesk.  Have a great rest of the weekend! 


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