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Monday, April 21, 2014

Market brief for Monday, April 21, 2014

Travel and Tourism/Hotels and Hospitality
Domestic and International Tourism Industries

     Because he watched the east coast disappear slowly off into the distance behind the cruise ship and on other days watched the ground disappearing beneath his feet into a curvature of blue, white, and brown as the plane headed towards 30,000 feet staring down at increasing altitudes occasionally wondering at space above him.  Now, he designs market research briefs for research and development reasons that will also hopefully entertain you the reader in this aforementioned process, myself the writer doing this all through working for and entertaining himself.  Writing is a wonderful practice in our lives, a standard human life.

     Gosh ladies representing spas in the hotel industry, thank you for the reminder of this ever-present trend in hotels as a whole.  If I’m traveling with an eye towards health than I might tend towards the word’ spa’ though if I’m traveling for travel and relaxation’s worth alone, in total, than the property designation ‘resort’ is catching my attention too.

     Though as many have noticed the minute the resort hotel property has a formal sauna, jacuzzi, massages, a healthy choice type menu, and a doctor sign on as the local physician both descriptors start to sound somewhat synonymous.  A mudbath option of European fame or similar might help earn the word spa in comparison to a purely vacation resort. For some of us we'd be willing to let our resort be our spa and our spa our resort.

     Make yourself comfortable, enjoy your time, and have a great rest of the week from Co., Inc., Ltd., & Co™!


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