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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Travel fiction cam

     “When did the hotel industry start?”, a management group from the business asked themselves in the 1940’s sitting around a meeting room table, outside was a clear blue sky. There were five of them present, some in eyeglasses and two in sunglasses. They began to look out the window at the sky and landscape, the meeting room and attendees being multi stories up, about 500 feet in the air. A Windsor business park. The view and coffee alone had been worth their time commuting that day.
     “Some point back when the Earths’ population was a very small number, but had formed into at least two distant enough towns, maybe. Millenniums ago.” A sunglassed Mark Woods stated, talking to his friends, while staring in thought out at the vast blue expanse outdoorsy view, that was causing wonderment, again and again, the often seen by them view, a light breeze swaying small branches outside. They’d simply loved the place.
     He imagined a businessperson in the neighboring time before time type olden village needing to visit for a couple of days for reasons unknown to them.
     They’d been vexed, it dispelling their loved wondering, that even the origin of their loved segment/sector in the industrializing world was so dam shrouded in mystery, along with the cosmology of people. For heavens sake why after all?, they’d had sorta wanted to yell. They’d noticed that they’d have to have been alive during the opening centuries after the historic first two people, to know in any true ironclad way. What’s the vote?
     “It was a brothel”, Linda chimed in wanting to joke.  Welcome.

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