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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mind the Imagination Cruise Cam

     “There’s a school of dolphins jumping from the water right over there!”, yelled an ecstatic woman from the m/v Mysteriums’ Promenade Deck.
     Couples and small groups of bathing suit and summer clothes clad, shuffleboard playing cruise enthusiasts, traveling on a business convention from the hotel industry, stopped what they were doing to head towards Veronicas’ beaming smile and pointing finger.

     A breezy partly cloudy sky was dropping splashes of sunlight on the Atlantics’ rolling swells as the Mysterium continued enroute from Bermuda to her home port in the States.
     The summer season was coming to a close with Autumn yet to fully arrive
     Ships carrying hundreds to thousands of traveling and vacationing passengers at a time have been sailing the worlds’ vast oceans blue floating on top of, thousands to tens of thousands, of fathoms deep seas, with now mostly understood monsters still there oddly. All around beneath the waves, great white sharks, huge whales, and horrifically sized squid, to name some. no longer terrify most modern vessels.
     Going back to the days of our recent decades World Wars I and II ships, peacetime years too of course. made of wood and sails no more. attract attention with their true impressiveness.  Passengers
floating almost incomprehensibly on and in tens of thousands of tons of iron and steel vessels boggling minds to this day, were resting, exploring, and, more than two, drinking at the vessels‘ bars.
     Veronica, still smiling, told her fellow onlookers, “I’d been hoping the entire trip that we’d get to see a few dolphins”, as the two or three of these more playful, less dangerous creatures, darted alongside the hull of the ship than swam down and away from view into the ocean.
     The Mysterium, scheduled to dock and let off her current travelers in New Plymouth, Virginia at 8:00am the very next day, sliced through the waters while some staff were reminding to have all luggage ready and waiting outside personal cabin doors before going to sleep that night so they could be easily moved onto the dock during the early Saturday morning turn around.

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