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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hotel Fiction Cam


     "Hi, wasn't that such a sight yesterday at sea?", a man stated while heading down a New Plymouth hotel corridor.  He'd looked the hall over three times glancing to find the security technology out of mere relaxed curiosity.

     Surveillance. Feel free to imagine that you have him on your personal view cam attentive reader, and are seeing when he... Woke up, and started walking the popular beach resorts’ hotel room, wondering in his robe.
     The Hotel Company where he was had good security capabilities, Lane Hotels Group(tm) for creative reasons.
     Lucky too, a comp.-ed room for four nights to experience, take notes, and write a 2000 word piece helping promote the industry. 
     They'd decided to keep their technology restricted to hotel public areas; lobby, restaurants, barrooms, parking lots, and their privately owned section of the beach. Surveilled rooms available upon statement of need by law enforcement and agreed upon. 
     No spying in the guest rooms was the Company mantra generally as a rule. It would make the guests feel too strange, and offended, by way of conjecture at least, not safe and untroubled, as often is desired.
     Though, everybody reading please remember to send a friendly wave to any Google-Earth type satellites orbiting high above us the next time you walk outside under a clear blue sky in your hometown. Some people will from the beach later this morning, to help ease any small stresses. ;)
     Just say a friendly hello to there, ok? It can be a humorous sensation whether they’re watching or not. 
     The writer, I, was able to enjoyably get an onscreen snapshot of my backyard deck from Googles’ circling eyes in space, legally and for free. 1,000’s of us must have, near instantly, if I may assert the thought. It was quite fun and would have been truly curious to watch from orbit for humor.
     There are coffee and tea urns in a room with very comfortable couches and small armchairs just off the lobby, downstairs, 11 flights down on a silently gliding, adorned elevator.
     The morning beverages service got a lot of Veronicas' attention after being made aware of it by desk staff upon arrival an hour ago. 

     She'd quickly downed one of each, available 24 hours a day, both tasting like some of the best that she'd had in quite a long time.
     A designed stellarly adjoining lobby was near all soft beiges and darker polished woodtones, with a very small splash of lipstick red for decor color, in soft incandescent lighting, shining with cleansliness.  

     A grandfather clock sporting a ships’ anchor as the driving pendulum swinging in slow perfect time stands on the top of a landing, half way up a flight of stairs, that leads guests to the waiting second floor. A chair with a small writing table sits on the same landing, on the opposite corner from the, at times, thought provoking timepiece, with a lamp that can be turned on if need be at any hour.
     A man wearing a Shriners’ hat walks down the stairs past the table asking, “Does this feel like the Titanic to you?” Before telling him that it had not felt so as of yet, he answered his own question, while standing in front of the grandfather clock, looking at the swinging pendulum, and saying, “No matter, life is short always, be merry and mindful as a measured principle.”
     The odd stranger continued on his way down the stairs, than out the lobby door, giving a quick wave behind him that left no room for ill will to enter. He’d been too sincerely pleasant, and just wanted to convey the mental state of a sizable current day population.

Tea & Beach

     Ever been to a truly good beach? They’re everywhere. Infrequently with ‘eye in the sky’ news helicopters reporting local news.
     One was above with camera as timepieces ticked.
     Beaches, call to the very center of, should it be said? Yes, billions of us. European stretches of even more scantily clad sands than The States’ sandy shorelines with sandy long-grasses grasslands outdoor sanctuaries, there growing by oceanfronts with travelers of all ages visiting for days seasonally.
     Orange juice was being served on the hotels' beach, and the, years past bar and grille special, a sex on the beach? A shot of everything bottled alcohol, there on sale, with some citrus flavoring. Interesting drink some might say. I believe they are still made and sold regularly.
     The morning sun by the conventions new residence was just short of 25 degrees off the eastern two hours past morning dusk horizon.  Looking out at the quiet vastness plainly visible to any, lulling into tranquility by the calm surf arriving in slow rhythm on the sands, not all that distant from visiting feet.

     An old storied writer once described the center of the world as looking something like an ocean filled to horizons miraculously, not a spot of land in sight, like the ones remembered of travels since early childhood.
     "Oh, wait, and everybody quiet down, this one’s sorta neat", one of the conventioneers said.  The hotels’ well moneyed public address system was playing transcendent multitoned notes to welcome the m/v Mysterium as she headed back towards Cape Hatterus. She blows her ships’ horn in response after every musical fanfare, every Tuesday morning at 10:00 sharp.
     Cruises are also a just about perfect option as a vacation plan and/or travel plan. Some of their offerings rival even the top numbered landlubber hotels.
     The day resides ahead and have to go take a short rest for mental health reasons. have a good rest of the day any passersby!

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