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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Headless Horseman and Sleepy Hollow Jazz

     It rode down from out of the sky, a mythic dark phantasm, unseen, on the ground then galloping loud enough to wake the countryside miles around. Those close enough told of it being a decapitated man riding on a dark horse moving like the wind. It rode the dirt paths, growing fields, and forest, of Sleepy Hollow, NY, the myths’ exclusive home and tourists worthy area.
     It’s not The Bermuda Triangle, it’s a great place for a Jazz club. Music to still the savage heart, maybe even a little excitement sometimes, and conversation with friends, or small conventions with friends, in a beautiful restful environment, with an incandescent atmosphere for an hour or two, an evening, or longer, it being held on the polished grounds of the leading make the world a great place to see industry and business, the hotel management sector.
A $19.99 + tax ticket, an additional overnight stay at the establishments’ rates from within around $169 per night, receive complimentary continental breakfast and internet friendly environment.

     Melissa and Courtney walked towards their seats in a new jazz club, looking forward to sitting down to try and push their troubles from their minds. To sit, and listen to the current local music scene, that they’d been looking forward to for about three weeks. Maybe even to find an inspiration or two while feeling well enough to perceive any. both had ‘mused privately.    
     “Nice classy place.” Melissa said out loud to her friend hoping the surrounding audiences’ minds would pick up on this fact at the mention of the words, and relax while noticing their truth, if they’d not already. Clean, well remarked upon by design and hope, with a desire to validly please the discerned and discerning Jazz enthusiast soul. Someplace nice, decor made right kind of pretty.
     "Yeah, I like this place.  We should thank them for their community collaboration."  Courtney answered. 
     Soft candlelight strength lighting in a moonlit night dream venue.  An older crowd; thogh not devoid of young men and women.
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