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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Homeland Security

     Hi all, I haven't been here in a bit.  
   I'm staring at an occulted presence on my psyche, dubious. Wondering when, and where, the american, mind-manifesting, over achiever, is going to take his/her self... to a new variation on the recent Norway terror-like attack, though aimed at us american civilians. .'Cause he or she just knows the U.S. Gov'mint is full of conspiracy  satanists that gotta be killed for the war he, or she, sees.a part in.
     A bloodbath at this hotel?  No, one in 2,500 probability in the States.  A small, but real, probability.   
     The industry should support our military, returning brothers and sisters. in any way that it can.  A room in exchange for security duties?


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