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Monday, June 20, 2011

Travel photo fiction

     "Geez that's a beautiful view."  He said. 
     A breeze whispered through the open air gathering place, that overlooked the favored travel spot's ocean vista.  It swirled a forgotten napkin, then another, before they returned to the brownish red marble tiled floor.  
     There were thousand person riots dotting the globe as he sat there, one with a multiple of thousands neighboring his hotel's country.  None could be either seen nor heard due to there being beyond safe distances involved.
     Three oddly decibeled detonations broke the ocean's peaceful view briefly.  Tim looked up towards where he thought the rafter shaking sound came from saying, "Sonic booms".  They come with faster than sound jet travel, for any who've not heard the term in that context for awhile, or never have. 
     A mix of conversations began wondering at the mostly known sound, uncommon completely for over the hotel's property, on the beaches of Oceania.


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