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Sunday, April 24, 2011

It gets in the thousands, to tens of thousands, of feet deep out there.


The ocean for people's travel and leisure

     Cruiseships are ocean traveling full service hotels, sailing under blue skies, and rocking slowly up and down and to' and fro' on windier and stormier seas, to all the world's ports of call. 
     Cruiselines, the Companies that own and/or manage them, spend their days, months, and, years, leading, managing, and,  innovating, with attending cabin, food/ beverage, and entertainment, employees. 
     These service sworkers, work onboard alongside the engine room department employees, the latter reporting to the ship's Captain.  Unlike the ship's room, and, food and beverage, staffing, who instead report to the vessel's Executive Manager, the one serving in a General Manager's.professional role.

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