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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Travel and Tourism/Hotels and Hospitality/Cruise Ships/Music
Trader’s Journal for Saturday, August 16, 2014
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Weekend closing prices, bid and ask,
as of market close yesterday,
Friday, August 15, 2014-

EUR/USD: 1.33970 and 1.34032
GBP/USD: 1.66876 and 1.66976
AUD/USD: 0.93155 and 0.93275
EUR/JPY: 137.115 and 137.217
EUR/CHF: 1.20893 and 1.20993
USD/JPY: 102.310 and 102.411
GBP/JPY: 170.790 and 170.950
NZD/USD 0.84782 and 0.84998
USD/CAD: 1.08919 and 1.09031
USD/CHF: 0.90172 and 0.90352
EUR/GBP: 0.80196 and 0.80350
GBP/USD: 1.50569 and 1.50751

       Hi all, I’m just finding ways to keep up with the topics of interest in my life.  I’m going to

     Perfect and interesting, PKF’s Robert Mandelbaum , a leading hotel industry research firm whose publicly available hotel data presentations are wonderful Internet pages for industry researchers and employees visited a plural of times by yours truly, is on Hotelnewsnow’s main page today.  He spoke at a recent industry convention found as follows-

The supply that is being added is high-quality supply, Summit Hotels’ Dan Hansen said.

     A leveling off of group business could have a detrimental effect on pricing, TravelClick’s Katie Moro said.

     The current cycle could see an additional 24 months to 36 months of RevPAR growth, STR’s Amanda Hite said.

By Shawn A. Turner
Finance Editor
(Information/data found by ws 
 on 8/16/2014)

NASHVILLE, Tennessee—The positive vibe permeating the hotel industry is likely to stick around for a while, panelists said during a general session Thursday at the 6th annual Hotel Data Conference presented by STR and Hotel News Now.
- See more at:

     Coffee, I’m going to go and make a strong mug of black coffee.  Stop by online anytime…

William Edward Stade
New York City suburbs

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