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Friday, April 11, 2014

Company, Incorporated, Limited, & Company™

§      The day is off to a fair start here at 8:49 AM and am trying to get some thoughts down on paper even if this phrase from my youth sounds a little old fashioned.  ‘Down on paper’ has become instead off into cyberspace.

                   One of the main ideas that has been catching my attention is a once per business quarter event for anyone involved in, or curious about, my country’s business community and markets from stock and forex trading to investing, to retail goods and services nationwide and worldwide.  I’m founder and chair of the hypothetical brand name “Co., Inc., Ltd., & Co.”, and a  native New Yorker here in The United States of America.

     What part of this topic is your attention, dear reader, on today? Feel free to write and tell me.  Contact: William at or voicemail him at 1-914-374-2360.  Facebook at

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