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Friday, January 24, 2014

Travel and Tourism/Hotels and Hospitality
Market brief for Friday, January 24, 2014

     Discretionary and outright disposable income that won’t effect your day to day life negatively if gone is one of the most ethical populations catered to because they are the people who truly might enjoy their stay thoroughly because they sincerely are not worried about the money, they want to spend for vacation and business travel needs /desires. 
     Geez, I wonder how many of us have been looking at surveillance with a mix of curiosity and anxiety due to a need of arriving at a truly right practice for on-premise’s surveillance that has our name personally and brand-wise assigned to it?  When this researcher began thinking about it for the first times supposed to myself 24-7 security cam.s running, recording, and viewable from a central room at any moment of the day though only designed into the hotel’s public areas.  Rooms however would have no monitoring services at all.    
     Sweet dreams, get some peace of mind and rest,

     from the new hotelxgroup corp.

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